NAB Cards

The Healthy Living Program and associated NAB cards have been delivered to the community. We are still accepting applications on an ongoing basis. You only need to apply once if you are a member. To apply, please provide the following:

The ID can be one of:

  • Drivers license;
  • Birth certificate; or
  • Passport.

Or any two of:

  • Bank card (the front only);
  • Medicare card;
  • Centrelink/Health Care Card; or
  • Utility bill.

Perpetual is the company that will help you with your NAB Card. Perpetual is your first contact point for NAB card issues. Please contact Perpetual directly using the information below if you have trouble with your NAB card. For example, if you lose your NAB card, they can place a "hold" on your card to give you time to find it. 

Remember to keep your NAB Card safe. This card will be reloaded with your Healthy Living Program money each year. You may be charged a fee to replace a lost card. We want to help you take control of your own money. No one has the right to your card except you and anyone you allow to use it. Let’s work together to prevent card theft and fraud. Report a stolen NAB card, or card misuse immediately to Perpetual .

Perpetual Contact Details


SMS    0421 261 981

Call     1800 325 152

Fax     (08) 6270 4441

Post    GPO Box A3 Perth WA 6001