Tjiwarl’s governance structure includes a Board of Directors and a Chief Executive Officer (Greg Ryan-Gadsden). They are supported by a team of dedicated staff who are committed to getting the best outcomes for the Tjiwarl community.

The Board of Directors has a member from each of the family groups, and an Independent Director. They are:

  • Delvene Patch (Ashwin)
  • Edwin Beaman Snr (Beaman)
  • Tania Bingham (Bingham)
  • Lawrence Harris (Harris)
  • Michael James Jnr (James)
  • Kaylah Banks (Jones)
  • Brett Lewis (Lewis) (Chairperson)
  • Colleen Berry (Narrier)
  • Cheryl Bond (Trilby)
  • Michael Tullock (Tullock)
  • Kado Muir (Walker)
  • Duncan Ord (Independent Director)