As a Member of Tjiwarl AC, you may also be able to access Tjiwarl-led programs (depending on your eligibility) that benefit the Tjiwarl community.

A person can become a Member if:

  1. The person wants to become a Member and applies in writing using the application form.
  2. The person is eligible for membership as defined in the Rule Book.
  3. The Directors accept the application to be a Member; and
  4. The person’s name is entered on the Register of Members.

The steps for becoming a member are as follows:

  1. Complete a membership application form; 
  2. Provide supporting documentation including a birth certificate;
  3. List the apical ancestor you are connected to; and
  4. Provide evidence of ongoing participation in Tjiwarl Law, social or cultural activities.

Tjiwarl AC Membership Application Form_0.pdf